Gutters filled with leaves and debris can wash your home value down the drain. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent all that mess from piling up in your gutters. While gutter cleaning is a dangerous and messy job, you can hire an expert or use innovative tools to make the task much easier. With the right tools and equipment, you can now remove debris and clean those gutters as quickly as you can.


You need a good, sturdy ladder when working at a height. Keep in mind that the height of the ladder should match the height of the gutter. It should be strong enough to hold your weight and long enough to reach the gutters. Look for aluminum models with adjustable legs and deep treads for improved traction and stability.

For one-story houses, it is recommended to use a 15-17 feet ladder. Meanwhile, the ideal ladder height for two-story houses is 20-22 feet.

Ladder Stabilizer

This accessory helps increase stability and makes it safer for you to work above the ground. Ladder stabilizers keep the ladder top from directly touching your gutters, so it reduces the risk of property damage. It makes gutter cleaning more secure and can be easily removed once you are done with the task.

High-Quality Work Gloves

Hand injuries are pretty common when you are cleaning your gutters. Protect your hands from all types of injury by using a pair of nitrile, rubber, or any puncture-resistant gloves. Because twigs, wires, and other pointed objects in the gutters can penetrate the skin, you need to use a glove that gives you puncture and cut protection.

Gutter Cleaning Scoop

This tool helps make cleaning gutters by hand faster and easier. All you need to do is rake the debris toward you and scoop everything out. While it is durable and lightweight, a gutter cleaning scoop requires you to climb a ladder and risk getting hurt.


What’s next when you’ve already gathered all the debris in the gutters? You need to take them out to the trash pile. A five-gallon bucket or a plastic trash bag is where you should place the leaves and twigs you have collected. Pick a big bucket that you can attach to the ladder, so you won’t need to climb up and down to empty it.

Telescopic Hose Wand

If you are uncomfortable climbing a ladder, do not fret! Use a telescoping gutter cleaning wand that allows you to reach your gutters from the ground. This wand extends from 40-70 inches, so you can easily clean hard-to-reach areas. Attach it to your garden hose and let the water pressure remove debris in your gutters.

This tool has specially designed nozzles that rotate 180 degrees. Its features allow you to position the spray in any direction and angle you want. Moreover, it has a powerful sweeping action to clean all the nooks and crannies. Aside from gutter cleaning, you can use it for a variety of house and garden chores.

Pressure Washer Attachment 

To make things much easier, you can use a hooked attachment for your pressure washer. It can quickly blast away leaves and debris and clean your clogged gutters. Most gutter cleaner attachments are made of brass and can be installed or removed effortlessly.

Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment

With this accessory, you can safely clean your gutters without climbing a ladder. Purchase a universal leaf blower attachment that lets you blow dirty leaves at high speeds. Extend your reach by connecting the tubes and your own leaf blower at home. The airflow from the equipment allows you to clear the dry leaves and pine needles from your gutters. Just make sure to clean the mess left behind.

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