When spring rolls around, the first thing we think of is spring cleaning. It is the time of the year when everyone deep cleans their house, including the gutters and downspouts. Spring gutter cleaning is especially important because it’s when your gutters are more likely clogged with leaves, pine needles, small sticks, and more.

Debris and snow build-up during the fall and winter can cause a lot of issues not just for your gutters but also for your roof system. With the seasons changing, it is about time to get outside, conduct a regular inspection, and begin cleaning your gutters. 

Why Is Spring Gutter Cleaning Necessary?

Protect your roof.

If the gutter is clogged with debris, the rainwater will begin to pool inside of it. This will soon damage your gutters and the roof shingles. The next thing you know, there are cracks and leaks in your home’s ceiling. Save yourself from the trouble by adding gutter maintenance to your spring cleaning checklist.

Prevent mold growth.

Not cleaning your gutters will lead to damp, wet conditions. Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mold that can cause diseases and property damage. Always clean your gutters and downspouts so that the water won’t build up within the system.

Avoid pest problems.

When gutters and downspouts are blocked with leaves and debris, rainwater may not drain properly. A gutter with standing water makes an ideal home for pests to grow and thrive. Critters, insects, wasps, rodents, squirrels, and other pests will look for their new homes during the spring. 

If you ignore your gutters, these unwanted guests will end up nesting there until they find their way inside the house. Proper gutter cleaning will eliminate the chances of pest infestation in your home! Companies like Pittsburgh Gutter Cleaning can ensure there is nowhere for pests to nest in.

Make your gutters more functional.

Spring brings rains, winds, and warmer temperatures. Your gutters protect your home from water damage by rain away from your home. If you want gutters to work as they should the rest of the year, you need to do some cleaning. Professional gutter cleaning will keep them functional and well-maintained all year long.

Save you money.

Clogged gutters cause foundation issues and roof damage, which come with a huge price tag. To prevent unexpected and expensive repair projects, clean your gutters at least twice a year. Being proactive and taking preventive measures will help you avoid any potential hazards associated with dirty and clogged gutters.

How To Clean Your Gutters During Springtime

If you’ve never cleaned your gutters by yourself before, it might be a little difficult for you. Here are some tips and tricks so you should have no problem clearing your gutters out this spring.

Plan Accordingly

Gutter cleaning tends to get overlooked and neglected by most homeowners. It is a very important home maintenance task, so make sure that you schedule regular cleanings throughout the year. You can maximize your spring cleaning by allotting one weekend to clear debris and repair sagging gutters.

Check the Weather Report

Nobody wants to clean their gutters while it’s raining outside. Before you decide to do your spring gutter cleaning, look at the weather report and confirm if it will be a calm day. Cleaning your gutters is a strenuous task that might take a few hours. Heavy rain and high winds might become a safety concern, so make sure to check the weather forecast.

Prune Your Trees Regularly

If your house is surrounded by trees, your gutters may end up being filled with leaves and twigs more often. This requires more frequent gutter cleaning or at least every three months. What types of trees do you have? How do they shed? Are there overhanging branches near your gutters? These factors also influence how often you need gutter cleaning. The best time to clean your gutters is in the spring and fall, once the leaves have fallen.

You may also prune your trees to promote safe growth and get rid of long, dead branches. Trimming your trees will help remove overgrown branches and reduce the amount of leaves that might fall into your gutters.

Use a Ladder or Step Ladder

Planning to take the DIY route? You will need to use a ladder to clean your gutters and pull out all the debris. Make sure you place the ladder on a flat surface and avoid the pitch of your roof. After climbing up the ladder, use gloves, and safety goggles to avoid hurting yourself during the task. You never know what fell in your gutters over the previous months.

If you are not comfortable with climbing and standing on a ladder, it’s much better to have a professional do the spring gutter cleaning for you.

Call a Gutter Cleaning Pro

If you are afraid of heights or don’t have time to spare, ask for help from a professional gutter cleaning company. Gutter experts specialize in regular inspection and maintenance. They can tackle built-up debris in your gutter system before potential damage occurs. As experts in the industry, they can effectively handle your gutter-related concerns and keep them in perfect working condition.

Don’t Put Off Cleaning Your Gutters This Spring

You need to regularly clean and maintain your gutter systems for them to work properly. At Pittsburgh Gutter Cleaning, we can unclog blocked gutters and prolong the lifespan of your gutter system. Call our staff today to schedule a spring gutter cleaning for your home.